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Flatbed barge: Normally it is a kind of ship with no propulsion on its own, depend on other ships, like tugboats or pushboats, to pull and tow. The pulling boat along with the barge can carry goods and passengers, which is called tugboat transport. Flatbed barge can sail in narrow channel and shallow-draft waterway, which makes them very suitable for carrying goods among ports of freshwater. Features: Simple equipment, light draught, large cargo dead weight.

Bigger flatbed barge: A kind of large and long barge. Normally, flatbed barges or boats are used for carrying goods that are towing and pulling by non-propelled boats.

We’ve been engaged in the sales and transfer of new and used barges or various size and types for years, providing flatbed barge, flat deck barge, container barge, barge of 4,500 tons, non-sailing barge, etc. Meanwhile, we can also search boats for various purposes like leisure, construction, etc … according to your requirements.

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  • The latest supply information of used barge:
  • Barge type: two derrick barges(non-propelled barge)
  • Name: WeiXin 1 and WeiXin 2
  • Body: Steel
  • Year: December 2004 and January 2005
  • Dimension: L * W * H = 49.93 * 24.688 * 5.791
  • Storehouse and Hatch: One storehouse with one hatch(37.21 * 19.964M)
  • Total tonnage: 2906ton and 2893.10ton
  • Pure tonnage: 2034ton and 2025.20ton
  • Cargo throughput: about 4500tonnes
  • Container: 240*20'weight boxes  or 330X 20'Empty boxes
  • Deck to the top high masts: 34.40M
  • Baseline to the top high masts: 40.23M
  • Suspender load: up to 50 tonnes(height: 45M)
  • Navigation: river or coastal
  • Note: Just 2 years old(Include docking and boat paint)
  • Price: 10,000,000 RMB (Negotiable)
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